Ellaeon Throesma

Ellaeon Throesma Apartments North Evoia

*θρόος [‘θrəʊs] or θρούς [‘θrus] =Ancient Greek word for the beautiful and subtle sound that each person makes separately,by being among and close to others, due to movement and friction in relation to them.

Ellaeon Throesma
Agiokampos – North Evoia

“If you disintegrate Greece, reaching the end you’ll realize that they are left behind an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. That means: by composing those three ones, you recreate it.”

Odysseus Elytis

Due to those words and having as inheritance our love for people, we decided to redefine our lives through persons’ hospitality.

May Xenios Zeus not be forgotten by humanity, neither the light hidden in a Greek glance, the warmth of a Greek soul, the huge hug of this blessed land.

May not be forgotten that a gathering around a table calms the soul, that by participating in the spiral of a circular dance, one becomes part of the Divine and, even more, that, where aquamarine colours blend with the bright ones of King Sun to an eternal therapeutic repetition, we redefine ourselves into colourful resorts, into authentic paintings.

Our first positioning, a blessed place, Agiokampos in Northern Evia, whereAgiosmeans Holy and KamposmeansPlain,Field.We have settled here your first harbor; a comfortable and hospitable space, cozy and spacious; to feel like home. We could claim to be the best.However, your previous travelling experience may refute it. What could we promise for sure?Morning greetings, bright smile, plenty of laugh, relaxation and carefree moments.

In this journey, having as an aid our need for perfection and our tendency for continual improvement makes us being hopeful that our place and hospitality will contribute to an ancient meaning’s visualization : each one of you will join in the most melodic «Θρόο» [‘θrəʊ]. The «Θρού» [‘θru]of humans’ soul.

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Agiokampos North Evoia